Tips To Create Simple House Interior Design With Natural Atmosphere

Simple Interior Design Ideas

Natural atmosphere presence on simple house interior design can make this house will be felt fresh like living on fresh environment. It can work well for big and small house, especially if this house has beautiful garden or built on green environment area. To do it, we use real and artificial element to create this natural impression. If we want to have room where we can feel relax, calm and can reduce stress, it will good decorating ideas.

Simple House Interior Design

First simple house interior design tip is decorating wall with natural element pattern. Wallpaper with bamboo pattern is good choice. For small space, use wallpaper with light color basic. Other good patterns are leaf, tree, butterfly and so on. We can do the same thing with stencil to get the same effect.

Simple House Interior Design Pictures

Second tip to create simple house interior design is decorating window with natural element picture. For this purpose, it’s good if this window has large size. By installing large size window, from inside we can enjoy outdoor view. If this house has beautiful garden, so real natural garden beauty can be enjoyed from inside room. The same effect can be gotten if this house is surrounded with green plants. To decorate window, big curtain with bamboo pattern is good choice. Bamboo pattern on curtain is artificial natural element.

Simple Interior Design Ideas

Third tip is installing hardwood floor. Glossy hardwood can make this room is looked shiny and clean. Besides making stylish and modern, this hardwood floor also give natural touching on this room. To install it, we can use hardwood floor nail gun.

Fourth tip is selecting furniture from natural elements, such as from wood and bamboo. Keeping its natural textures are shown by coating it with melamine, don’t paint it. Paint will make disappear this texture beauty.

Fifth tip is putting green plants on pot and flower arrangement on vase. Green plants are put on corner and flower is put above table.

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