Tips To Create Simple House Interior Design

Simple Interior Design Ideas

There are several advantages of simple house interior design, for examples this room is looked spacious, clean, elegant and less maintenance. Besides that, this simple interior design style can be done in short time and spend low budget. There are several ideas to create simple interior design. Wall, window and floor are three places to be explored. Then add other elements to beautify it.

Simple House Interior Design

First tip to create simple house interior design is making over wall. What can we do with wall. Wall is painted with neutral color to keep it looked simple. If we want to give variation, we can add wallpaper on one wall side. Try to choose wallpaper in similar color with wall paint. Then on this wall, other element such as art painting, poster and family photos can be added. Keep it simple by giving simple frame. Avoid to give heavy ornament frame. If we will add art painting or poster, choose these stuffs with simple colors combination.

Simple House Interior Design Pictures

Second tip to make simple house interior design is decorating wall with solid color curtain fabric. No matter this house is small or big, solid color fabric without ornament will work well. It’s better if this curtain has similar color with wall or at least it will not very different.

Simple Interior Design Ideas

Third tip is putting cabinet on this room. Then above cabinet, we can put other element such as handmade wooden toys, art furnishing articles, art work and so on. These stuffs can be bought on handy craft store.

Fourth tip is putting green plant on this room. Putting more than one is okay. Besides these green plants can change the entire look of this room, it will also bring freshness on this room. Make sure to keep its health. Regularly move these plants near window to get sun light.

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