Tips To Create The Right Bay Window Dressing On Living Room

Bay Window Curtains

Bay window on home office is different with on living room. If on home office, this bay window dressing has function to create comfort and improve working productivity, so on living room, the main purpose is to beautify this living room. Living room is one of focal point on a home. Specially on living room, this room will be felt by other people. What they feel here will influent what their opinion about us. It’s important to create beautiful bay window dressing, but important to know that it’s not the only one element on living room. Other element must also be planned well.

Bay Window Dressing

First step to make bay window dressing is by choosing the right color and ornament. Here there are two option. We will function it as focal point element on living room or to make focal point other element on living room. There are two different approaching method here. If this bay window dressing will be functioned as focal point, so it’s decorated with a little different appearance than other element color ob living room. But it’s recommended, that this different color comes from one color family with other element color.

Bay Window Dressing Ideas

If there is special thing on living room and we want to focus it to make impress our guests with this thing, bay window dressing can help to focus it. Here by decorating this bay window in the same style with other living room element, so this bay window presence will not striking.

Bay Window Curtains

Good bay window dressing will help to make guests feel comfortable on living room. Understanding well color theory. Blue can make feel relax and calm. Green has ability for healing. Use color theory to choose color theme for bay window decorations elements. Besides all of above factors, it’s better if this bay window dressing elements are less maintenance. Easy to be cleaned and can show its beauty for long time. And its color will not easy to fade.

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