Tips To Create Traditional Bathroom Designs With Black And White

Traditional Bathroom Designs Small Spaces

Black and white are opposite colors. Combined black and white on bathroom will bring traditional look that can withstand for years. It will not easy to out of date. Benefit of black, it can hide dirt and make shady, while white make clean and bright. Traditional bathroom designs can be applied on big and small bathroom, but for small bathroom, try to restrict proportion of black, because it is tend to make dark and smaller. Black and white combination are one of great ideas for contemporary bathroom decoration.

Traditional Bathroom Designs

First traditional bathroom designs tip is painting wall with black. If we think, bathroom will be felt smaller and darker, so try to paint three wall sides with black and residual wall side with white. This white wall become accent wall. We can do opposite way with white. Paint three sides with white and one side with black. It will create accent black wall. This combination is lighter than first combination. If we like decorative wall, decorate it with shades of black wallpaper.

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Second traditional bathroom designs tip is painting ceiling with white. It is for balancing color with wall to reduce dark impression. White ceramic tile is also good. For big bathroom, black ceramic can be option. Other options for ceramic is white ceramic with black ornament and installing black and white ceramic in check board position.

Traditional Bathroom Designs Small Spaces

Third tip is choosing furniture and appliance with opposite color to wall. If this wall is painted with black, so white furniture and appliance look good. It is okay to put black and white furniture and appliance, but make sure it will still be seen striking. The same color application can make these items will be seen disappear.

Fourth tip is adding simple decorative accent. Put red rose in red vase and blue shower curtain can be accepted. These small pieces elements can rich visual appearance of this black and white bathroom.

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