Tips To Create Unusual Wall Art

Unique Wall Painting

Unusual wall art is also unique wall art, but unique wall art is not always an unusual wall art. Both unusual and unique wall art are creative art work. So, what make them become slightly different. Look at first picture. This is unusual and unique wall art in the same time. This is wall painting. What make it become unusual, because it’s painted on big area on the wall and this painting use abstract theme.  If this painting is made on normal size on canvas and then is framed and installed on the wall, it will be unique but not unusual. To create unusual wall art, it needs deeper imagination.

Unusual Wall Art

Similar with unique wall art, unusual wall art can comes on painting, poster, sticker, vinyl and sculpture wall art. What make them become unusual is on unusual size, color, design, a way to use and material choice. For example, put handmade wooden toys above cabinet and giving glass box to protect from dirt and dust is normal. But install this toy on the wall is unusual wall art. Other example, landscape painting on one canvas is normal, but landscape painting on several canvas is unusual. These all canvas if installed on the wall will make one landscape painting. We don’t know what painting on canvas if we look only at one painting.

Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Unusual wall art is looked more strange and bizarre than ordinary unique wall art. Decorating unusual wall art on a room will bring sensation atmosphere. It will be more perfect if it’s combined with good lighting. This lamp can be installed around, above or under this wall art.

Unique Wall Painting

This is also exclusive art work. If we buy painting, poster and sticker, we will meet difficulty if we want to look for exclusive design. Because this is exclusive, it means that this wall arts more valuable than other mass design wall art. We can create this wall art by looking wall art ideas, then think about it. What can we do to make it more creative? Every unique wall art can be unusual wall art. What must be done is rethinking how to change it become more special.

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