Tips To Create Wonderful Open Terrace Garden

Organic Terrace Gardening

Open terrace garden on backyard can be perfect place for gathering family, reading a book, enjoying coffee or tea on the afternoon, enjoying outdoor view and invite friends. To do it, this open terrace garden should be looked fresh, comfortable, loose and shady. Well, it’s ideal place behind home for many purposes. First tip is installing wood floor on this floor. It can uses hardwood floor, reclaimed wood floor, floating wood floor and so on. This natural brown color on this floor can make this place is more shady and people feel relax.

Open Terrace Garden

Second tip to decorate this open terrace garden is putting several green plants. These green plants are put on container or pot. Don’t put too much plants here, because it will make new clutter. Other alternative is putting flower plants. Find the right place to put these plants. Beside furniture is common place to put it. If we like to plant vegetable plants or organic plants, we have to prepare proper area.

Vegetable Terrace Garden

Third tip to beautify this open terrace garden is putting outdoor furniture. This outdoor furniture can be made from wood or wicker. Wicker is good. Besides, its price is affordable. It’s looked more stylish and now become trend as outdoor furniture material. Wicker is good alternative for rattan. Rattan is more expensive than wicker. On this wicker table can be put glass sheet as table top. Here can be decorated with flower arrangement. On wicker chair, to make it softer, it can be given mattress. Then is decorated with several pillows.

Organic Terrace Gardening

These three tips are enough to make comfortable open terrace. If we want to add new element for this terrace garden, here are additionally element that can be considered. Above this terrace can be added polycarbonate as roof. It can protect this area from rain and reduce sun light intensity. Other idea is putting big umbrella for similar purpose with polycarbonate, but polycarbonate can cover area wider than big umbrella. Other idea is making fish pond around it. It will make this place is felt fresher.

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