Tips To Create Wonderful Purple Bedroom For Girls

Purple Bedroom Designs

Do you want to have bedroom with atmosphere like queen’s bedroom, so purple is color for you. Applying purple on bedroom will add color richness on bedroom. Now purple is widely used for room decorating. Purple has many variation, from light, bold, bright and dark. Some good implementation bedroom ideas in purple are using stencil, decorating bed with purple, contrasting purple with other colors, decorating floor with purple carpet and purple accessories.

Bedroom Ideas In Purple

First implementation bedroom ideas in purple is decorating wall with stencil. Wall can be painted with purple then is decorated with yellow, beige and cream stencil. Or wall is painted with neutral color then is decorated with purple stencil. There are so many combination ideas. Funny characters from cartoon and animal are good source to find interesting stencils.

Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Second tip is decorating bed with purple. Bed is central furniture on bedroom. Give attention on this furniture. Bedroom ideas in purple with bed can be done such as installing purple bed, bedding sets in purple, purple pillow, blanket with purple flower motifs and so on. To make cheerful sleeping time on bed, bright purple bedding is interesting choice.

Purple Bedroom Designs

Third tip is contrasting purple with others colors. Purple can work well with other colors such as yellow, red, silver, black, white and grey. To create cheerful bedroom, purple can be combined with yellow. For moderate bedroom, white and silver are colors combination for purple. While to give sophisticated impression, red and black are colors combination choice.

Fourth tip is decorating bedroom with purple carpet. Purple carpet with motifs look good to give purple impression for floor. For small bedroom, place big purple carpet. It will also work well for bedroom with hardwood floor. If this bedroom is big, It is good to put several purple carpets, such as behind door, beside bed and under dressing cabinet.

Fifth tip is adding purple accessories. Some interesting ideas can be explored: mirror and photos with pretty purple frame, purple bookshelves, purple sculpture, purple table lamp, purple curtain, purple cabinet and so on.

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