Tips To Decorate And Maintain Bedroom Wood

Bedroom Furniture Designs

A bedroom wood design is a bedroom with all of furniture are made from wood and these furniture are kept on its wood natural color or pain it with brown color. Bedroom like this can be looked modern and stylish by putting modern style furniture. Several types of these bedrooms use wooden floor. There are several color ideas to paint this bedroom wall. These colors choice have to fit with this furniture color. For this bedroom type, bed and other furniture can be made more focus, so color for wall can be chosen in lighter version. Neutral color is good choice.

Bedroom Wood Design

If furniture on this bedroom wood design uses dark brown color, good color options for this wall are antique silver and silver dust color. We can use one of them or use it together. Good idea is painting three wall side with silver dust color and one side use antique silver color as accent color. It will be looked beautiful. Ceiling can be painted with silver dust color or white. On the floor can be installed ceramic with silver dust color or hardwood floor.

Wooden Bed Designs

If furniture on this bedroom wood design use light brown color, so good color options for wall are fresh pineapple color and white. Wall can be painted with fresh pineapple color. Ceiling is painted in white. Other color like pure periwinkle color can be added. Blanket or pillow can be chosen on this color. If we are confuse with these name color, just browse color catalogue to know more.

Bedroom Furniture Designs

To maintain this bedroom type, it’s must to be avoided from humidity. Make sure this bedroom is completed with proper lamp light. Check all of wall surface if there is humid area. Be careful to not put furniture on this area. It can damage this furniture.

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