Tips To Decorate Bathroom With Shower Corner Shelves From Glass

Glass Shower Corner Shelves

Actually all of available space on bathroom can be decorated by adding some elements to make it more beautiful. Wall can be decorated with photo, sticker and stencil, while on the corner can be put shower corner shelves. Shower corner shelves can be made from wood, ceramic, stainless steel and glass. For bathroom, here is good if using ceramic, stainless steel and glass. Glass is one of favorite material to make this appliance. Installing here make this bathroom is looked modern and elegant. This glass can be arranged in several level. It’s for placing soap, shampoo and so on.

Shower Corner Shelves

These shower corner shelves can be decorated by putting flower arrangement on vase. If these glasses are arranged on several levels, this flower arrangement can be put on highest level. Either putting fresh flower or fake flower are good, but fresh flower is fresher and more natural. Don’t put flower on heavy vase here. Select the right size for this vase, because glass can be broken if hold heavy load. This vase can be made from glass or resin.

Shower Corner Shelves Tile

Besides decorating shower corner shelves with flower, other idea is putting candle. Put this candle on candle place. Candle with red is beautiful to create romantic atmosphere on bathroom. Similar with flower, put this candle on highest level, because if not, it can heat glass above it. AS commonly glass character, it can be cracked if it’s heated.

Glass Shower Corner Shelves

Putting small toys or artwork here are also god. Small toys or artwork from plastic, rubber and resin are fit to be put here. To make this glass is durable and show its bright clear, this glass has to be cleaned every time from dirt, such as residual soap and shampoo. Don’t wait too long to clean it, or this dirt will be hard and more difficult to be cleaned. When cleaning it, use water, cloth and glass cleaner. Don’t use abrasive cleaner. It can hurt its surface and make it it dull.

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