Tips To Decorate Bedroom Like Best Hotel Room Design

Hotel Room Decor

Have you ever come to hotel, stay there for several days and want to go back? It shows that that hotel room atmosphere make you feel happy and comfortable. So, why don’t you try to decorate your bedroom like a hotel room? This best hotel room design can be adapted, no matter how size of our room, but we have to make some modifications. Commonly room on hotel has several function, such as sleeping, reading, working, bathroom and F&B ( food and beverage ). Now, we have to adapt it to our bedroom. If our bedroom is big, it can run any functions. But, for small bedroom, we have to restrict functions number. Maybe sleeping, reading and F&B are enough.

Best Hotel Room Design

Most best hotel room design completes their room with good acoustic and ventilation. If our bedroom is near street or noisy region, it’s good if we give insulation on this bedroom to reduce its noisy. While for improving ventilation function, we can install high quality fabric for curtain. Make sure this bedroom get enough fresh air and natural light.

Hotel Bedroom Design

Complete it this bedroom with several lamps like on best hotel room design. Beside bed, put lamp above cabinet. On the wall, installing wall sconce lamp. Also put lamp above mirror on the wall. Other lamp like reading lamp, sleeping lamp and ceiling lamp are a must.

Hotel Room Decor

Bed is important commodity on hotel. So if possible buy the best bed that we can do. Buy also best bedding, blanket and pillow to make it like on hotel room. On the corner put reading table with table lamp. To save area, this reading table can also be functioned as coffee table. So, when the night come, here we can reading a book and enjoy drinking coffee. Complete too with refrigerator to store cold drink. Last, make this bedroom become special and unique. Put collectible stuffs on reading table, cabinet or wall and install family photo on the wall.

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