Tips To Decorate Bedroom With Paris Theme

Parisian Wall Decor

Paris is very famous city in the world. It is one of fashion city. Paris inspired décor has purpose to bring Paris atmosphere into bedroom. Some good ideas to do it: Paris saloon, Paris fashion, Paris café, French rustic living, artwork, photo, picture and accessories. There are so many interesting ideas about Paris theme. Colors choice, furniture and decal designs with Paris style are also can bring Paris look on bedroom. Lets’ started.

Paris Inspired Decor

First step to apply Paris inspired décor is selecting Paris colors pallet. Colors scheme from pink, blue on green or red on black can realized this decoration. It creates warm, exclusive and elegant as Paris style decorating. These colors pallet are applied on wall, furniture, window decorating, ceiling, rug, carpet, mural, accessories and so on.

Paris Inspired Decor For Bedrooms

Second step to implement Paris inspired décor is decorating wall with decal. Eiffel Tower is favorite object to decorate wall with decal. Beside decorating with Eiffel Tower, decorating with vertical and horizontal lines are often founded on Paris bedroom. It can be done with decal, stencil and faux painting kits. French people like artwork, so put Paris artwork style on the wall, install photos with decorative frames to bring Bohemian Paris boutique atmosphere.

Parisian Wall Decor

Third step is creating Paris bedroom style. Some unique ideas are installing black canopy on bed. If we don’t like black, dark brown can be other alternative. This way will bring modern style. If we want something more classic, bed frame from wrought iron is best choice for Paris bedroom style. Then this bedroom is completed with table and thin legs. This table is inspired from vintage Versailles style.

Fourth step is completing with Paris style accessories. Eiffel Tower can be main object ideas. Wall clock, blanket, pillow, poster, table lamp, carpet, photo, candle holder with Eiffel Tower picture and shape are few good ideas.

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