Tips To Decorate Ceiling For Small Room

Ceiling Design Bedroom

Actually, a ceiling can be seen as fifth wall. God room ceiling designs will complete room decoration. Ceiling play role on vertical space impression. Specially on small home, ceiling presence must be given attention. Good treatment for ceiling to make room seems bigger and higher. Similar with wall, ceiling can also be decorated to be decorative ceiling. If we like, we can install wallpaper on ceiling, give ornament by stencil and give art touching by mural. Whatever we will do for ceiling, recognize first several principles to decorate ceiling.

Room Ceiling Designs

First room ceiling designs principle is avoiding dark color. Dark ceiling will make room seems narrow and lower. If we like dark color, apply it on wall, not on ceiling. Keep ceiling is lighter than wall. This principle can work for every room.

Living Room Ceiling Designs Pictures

Second room ceiling designs guidance is choosing light color. White is ultimate light and neutral colors. Beside white, other light colors also work well to decorate ceiling, as long as these colors combination come from the same tone. For example, if wall is painted with olive green, so painting ceiling with ivory yellow are great combination between shades of green and yellow, because these colors are from the same tone.

Ceiling Design Bedroom

Third principle if we want to put ceiling border, keep light for this border. Border for ceiling is like frame on poster, photo and art painting. It is installed for bordering and focusing ceiling. Dark border material will make it look lower. On above example, if wall is painted with olive green and ceiling with ivory yellow, light color border between these two colors can be accepted.

Fourth principle to make it seems higher is installing high curtain. Especially if this curtain has horizontal strip line ornament, it is perfect for this purpose. If we like using faux painting kits, decorative wall with horizontal strip line where on top side is lighter than bottom is very good to create higher impression.

Fifth principle is keeping simple decoration. Just decorate with plain paint or if we want to add decorative moulding, choose simple style and shape.

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