Tips To Decorate Contemporary Menly Bedroom

Contemporary Menly Bedroom

Men bedroom is different with girl bedroom. Men bedroom must able represent masculine character. This masculine character can be reflected from furniture, color, picture,  artwork inside this bedroom and room fragrance. Contemporary menly bedroom is tend to simple with less decoration. Starting from furniture. Bed is the main furniture on bedroom. Give attention to this furniture. Bed with contemporary style and simple ornament is good choice. Choose bedding, blanket, pillow cover and rugs or carpet under bed with lines theme. Avoid floral theme. It will reduce masculine character.

Contemporary Menly Bedroom

Second tip is color choosing. The right colors for contemporary menly bedroom are grey, black and brown. Other colors can be added as complement colors, such as blue and green. Blue and green are as balancing color. If black, grey and brown reflect power, conservatism and confident character, so blue and green for creating calming effect and freshness. It’s ultimate character combination for men. Especially for bed, it will be looked elegance and stylish if use black or brown color. Dark color bed with bright color bedding is good combination.

Mens Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Third tip is installing picture. Picture that represent masculine character is fit for this contemporary menly bedroom. Examples picture here are movie star James Dean, motor cycle Harley Davidson, Absolute Vodka poster, movie poster Godfather and so on. Picture with grey scale, less color or black and white color is more masculine than colorful picture. Picture with less color is better. This picture can be framed with contemporary frame. Black frame is fit. Frame with ornaments are not fit. It will create classic atmosphere, it’s less macho.

Mens Bedroom Paint Ideas

Fourth tip is installing artwork. Artwork like painting, statue and replica are good choice. Modern painting style such as abstract painting is good to be installed. Other good example is painting from Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Of course, it’s very expensive. We can look for other painting with similar painting concept with these two great artists. It’s cheaper. Torso with man shape or motorcycle replica can be put on table as other decoration element.

Last tip is spreading room fragrance with masculine character taste. Men bedroom will not complete before we spread with this room fragrance. We can find it on fragrance store. Citrus, pine and beach scent are several examples. It can reflect men character.

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