Tips To Decorate Dining Room With Beach Theme

Beach House Dining Rooms

Do you like everything about beach? Like playing water and sand there? Like to hear water sound? If you like it, we can decorate room with beach theme. Now, we will apply it on dining room. Why dining room? Well, decorate other room is ordinary, while dining room give interesting challenge. Here we can install beach dining room lights. Watching it will remind us night time on the beach. It will be special dining event. Commonly lamps for this purpose are hurricane lamp, wall sconces lamp and chandelier lamp.

Beach Dining Room Lights

Hurricane lamp is one of popular beach lamp and good to be used as beach dining room lights. This hurricane lamp usually is used by fisherman. It uses kerosene as its fuel. This lamp is covered with glass to protect from wind. On the past, this lamp is hanged on the ship when night come on the sea. Now this lamp is used as decorating lamp or as camping lamp. It can be withstand from wind blow. It’s fit to be used on windy area. Other hurricane lamp type use candle inside. It’s more practice than kerosene. Besides that, candle is odorless.

Beach House Dining Table

Wall sconces lamp is other beach dining room lights type. This lamp is installed on the wall. It has beautiful design. It’s fit for modern and classic room interior style. There are two types lighting on this wall sconces lamp. First type is using electric lamp and second type is using candle. Electric lamp is more practice, modern and durable than candle. But candle is more intimate to make unforgettable dining event with our couple.

Beach House Dining Rooms

Last lamp type is chandelier lamp. This lamp is hanged on ceiling. It’s pretty hanging lamp. It’s made from crystal. On the past, candles are put on this hanging lamp, but now, this hanging lamp use electric lamp with candle shape.

Now if we want dining room with classic beach style, installing hurricane lamp as hanging lamp and classic wall sconces are good choice, while if we like modern look, chandelier and modern wall sconces can be chosen.

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