Tips To Decorate Fish Aquarium

Freshwater Fish Decorations

A big fish aquarium can beautify our living room or family room. Looking at aquarium can make us more fresh. Hear flowing water sound make us feel seem living on free nature. Some beautiful fish, such as goldfish or Oscar can be entered here. But this aquarium will not good until we decorate it. So, how can we decorate it? Inside aquarium, background and top side are positions to be decorated. Some fish aquarium decorations can be selected. Starting from inside aquarium. This water must always in clean and fresh condition. It needs additional device for water circulation. Small pump will be installed here. Dirt water can grow mildew, cause less oxygen and can kill all fishes there.

Fish Aquarium Decorations

Plant is important element to decorate aquarium. We can choose whether live plant or fake plant. Fake plant is more durable and less maintenance. But live plant is looked more fresh. I’m sure that all fishes there like live plant than fake plant. We can put small toys here. These toys can be made from stone, concrete, wood or resin. Toys in animal, such as turtle or diver are interesting. We must also remember that every fish like hide, so create artificial cave from concrete is good. It can be such as sanctuary place for fish. When we choose these fish aquarium decorations, we have to make sure that these decorations elements are made from safe material. This material may not contain dangerous chemical components. It can poison water and kill all fishes.

Goldfish Aquarium Decorations

Inside aquarium can be given with beach sand. It can be combined with white stone. We can look for this beach sand and white rock on aquarium store. Usually they sell these stuffs. It will make this fish feel living in their habitat. Then, background aquarium can be decorated with glossy printing picture. A big colorful ocean living picture is good to be install on back side. Picture shows several  small fishes with ocean plants will make this aquarium more dynamic.  Lamp on top side will complete these fish aquarium decorations.

Freshwater Fish Decorations

On top side, install several lamps to shine this aquarium. Blurry glass lamp is better than clear lamp. Clear glass lamp will make fish feel glare. Blue, green or yellow are good color for this lamp. Adapt dimension aquarium with wattage lamp. This aquarium regularly has to be cleaned by water and cloth. Be careful if we use cleaner. Make sure this cleaner doesn’t contain dangerous chemical for fish. Water inside aquarium is also drained and replaced with new fresh water.

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