Tips To Decorate Girls Wardrobe

Wardrobe Designs For Kids Bedroom

Either on boys or girls bedroom, wardrobe is important furniture. The difference between boys and girls wardrobe are on color choice and fixtures. On girls wardrobe, usually there are rack to put boot shoes, doll, sweater and so on. But actually this is not absolute regulation. Boys can also use wardrobe for girls then change its color and decoration. But now, we will try to explore how to decorate girls wardrobe designs in simple, easy and fast way and with low budget. First idea is by repainting or give new color on certain side. For example, if this wardrobe color is white, then choose one or two sides to be painted with pink or soft light purple. It will give variation for this wardrobe.

Girls Wardrobe Designs

Before doing it, make sure that paint quality is same with existing paint quality on wardrobe to get best result. Good girls wardrobe designs need good paint quality. To paint it, remove first all of stuffs inside this wardrobe. Bring this wardrobe on dry place with well ventilated. It’s better to paint on hot weather to make this paint faster to dry. Clean all of dirt first. Use sandpaper to do it. Then to paint it, we can use roller or air brush.

Modern Wardrobe Girls Bedroom

Second idea is decorating with sticker. Sticker that usually is used as wall art can be used here to beautify this wardrobe. With this cheap decorating element, these girls wardrobe designs can be more beautiful. There are many theme options for this sticker, so asking girls first, what their favorite cartoon, movie, doll, character, flower, animal and music are. Then finding sticker that is fit with their favorite or hobby. Pasting this sticker into this front side wardrobe.

Wardrobe Designs For Kids Bedroom

Third idea is using stencil. Decorating with stencil here is similar with sticker but with different method.  Sticker is easier than sticker. Just pasting it. Besides that, sticker is easier to be removed when we will redecorate again next time with new sticker. Stencil is a little bit more difficult than sticker, but it can give more elegant and stylish appearance for this wardrobe.

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