Tips To Decorate Home With Mysterious Theme

Simple Fractal Designs

If we like mysterious theme, decorating home with square fractal patterns can be our choice. These square fractal patterns are often related with universe secret. On several cultures and religions, these patterns have special meaning. But, however we will not talk about culture and religion, but we will use it as special theme to decorate home. It can be applied on indoor and outdoor. On outdoor, it can be garden decoration. This is picture with regularity pattern. Usually it comes on square, triangle and circle pattern. Circle pattern is widely used on big building floor. And this complexity pattern is reduced to increase its aesthetic and reduce mysterious impression.

Square Fractal Patterns

On indoor these square fractal patterns can be applied on poster and ceramic . There are many posters with these picture. Installing  poster with this picture on bedroom will create mysterious atmosphere. If we like meditation, yoga and contemplation, installing these posters are good choice, specially if this picture is big and come with dark color style. Besides on poster, these patterns can also applied on ceramic. To make it more friendly, these patterns are designed with soft light color.

Fractal Art Designs

For indoor application, these ceramics can be installed on kitchen and bathroom wall. It will give certain character for this room. If this home is big, living room floor can be decorated with these square fractal pattern. It can be done by painting center floor by these pattern or by arranging ceramic cutting on these patterns shape. Painting it is easier and simpler way. Besides through poster and ceramic, these patterns can also be implemented through bedding, blanket, pillow and curtain.

Simple Fractal Designs

Paving block or con block on garden can also be decorated with these patterns. It can be done by arranging con block on these pattern.  These con blocks are given different color with other con block. Besides through con block, it can use plants. So, it will be living square fractal pattern. Several plant types can be formed into many shapes, including on these patterns.

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