Tips To Decorate Home With Tree Wall Art

Tree Wall Paintings

If we like everything about plant, tree, flower, garden and so on, why don’t we try to decorate home with tree wall art? It can make room become more fresh, comfortable, stylish and cheerful. It can be done anywhere on home. Tree wall art can come in many types. These types are sticker, mural, metal art, art painting and poster. Decorating wall with sticker is easier and faster way. There are many special big sticker with tree theme for decorating wall. It’s just plug and play. Determine first color theme for a room, then select the right sticker based on chosen color.

Tree Wall Art

Mural is more stylish than sticker, but it’s more expensive. Decorating tree wall art with mural will transform a room become like art studio. To do it, we can hire talented painter or painting it by our self if we can do it. If we will do it, find idea first. There are a lot of tree wall art designs on internet. Pick several good designs there and it can be imitated. But if we can create our own mural picture, it’s better. It’s more unique and have higher value than imitating other picture. Before doing it, find the right paint type.

Tree Wall Art Decal

Besides mural, metal tree wall art is also stylish. It will be amazing wall decoration element. It’s such as art furnishing article on the wall, but on tree shape design. Metal tree wall art is also more durable than sticker and mural. Color on sticker and mural can be fade. Specially on mural, it will be damaged, if this wall is grown by mildew. It’s need more effort to repaired. We have to clean its mildew, use sandpaper for smoothing wall and then repainting it. It will not happen on metal material. We just clean it by water, cloth and cleaner.

Tree Wall Paintings

Art painting and poster are other types to show tree wall art on a home. There are two types of art painting. First type is oil canvas painting and second type is canvas printing. Oil canvas painting is more durable, stylish and has higher value than printing canvas, but printing canvas is cheaper than oil canvas painting. Poster is cheapest from these category. But poster with modern frame can also be looked stylish and beautiful.

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