Tips To Decorate Kids Bedrooms

Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms

For parents who have kids, decorate kids bedroom become interesting challenge for them. There are many decorating ideas for kids bedrooms that they can explore. There are many colors and themes that they can choose. It’s always interest to create comfortable bedroom for kids. Here there are ten elements that we can consider to decorate kids bedroom. These are curtain, toy, printing picture, photo, sculpture, plant, lamp, bedding, ceiling and education element. Starting from curtain. Beautiful curtain is not only for living room and family room. Kids bedroom also need it. Curtain with cartoon theme is fit for kids.

Decorating Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

Second decorating ideas for kids bedrooms element is toy. Kids toys can be install on the wall. It can be interesting wall decoration. Toys with super hero characters, such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic 4 and soon can be install on the wall. Especially for boys bedroom, these character will make these boys feel like heroes.

Decorating Ideas For Kids Bedrooms Boys

Third decorating ideas for kids bedrooms element is printing picture. Printing picture with cartoon character is favorite choice for kids bedrooms. For boys, it can use superhero character, while for girls, they can use Barbie, Doraemon, Snow White and so on. Install printing picture is simple way to decorate kids bedroom. Fourth element is photo. Kids photos or family photos can be used together with printing picture as wall decoration.

Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms

Fifth element is sculpture or statue. Sculpture from resin or wood with cartoon character can be interesting decoration element. It can be placed on table or near window. Sixth element is plant or tree. Plant can bring freshness atmosphere on kids bedroom. Plant with green leaf will make this bedroom become fresh. Make sure there is not water spillage from this plant container here.

Sixth element is lamp. Including lamp here is table lamp, standing lamp, sleeping lamp and hanging lamp. These lamps must have the right wattage. Lamp for reading is different with lamp for sleeping. Lamp with creative cap or LED lamp can be chosen as kids bedroom element. Seventh element is bedding. Bedding with cartoon character or sport theme are good to be chosen. It’s better if blanket and pillow cover have the same theme with this bedding.

Ninth element is ceiling. Ceiling on kids bedroom can be decorated with toys or picture. Several toys can be install on the ceiling. Or this ceiling can be painted with outer space, complete with moon, star, plane and so on. It can be interesting sight for kids before sleeping. Tenth element is education stuff. On the wall, it can be installed with animal, floral, alphabet picture and so on. It can help kids for learning in pleasant way.

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