Tips To Decorate Kitchen Bay Window

Window Treatment Ideas Bay Windows

Decorating bay window on living room and kitchen is different. On living room is purely for beautifying this room. Luxurious curtain and valance can be installed here, but on kitchen, the main window treatment purpose is to support cooking activity. Window treatment for bay windows here is better using simple style curtain and valance. Curtain that can be move downward-upward or left-right is good. The advantage of curtain and valance here, besides for decorating, it can also give privacy and reduce sun light intensity. It’s better to choose easy cleaning material.

Window Treatment For Bay Windows

Other window treatment for bay windows on this kitchen is by installing window film. It can be found easily on the store. Such as on a car, this window film can reduce sun light intensity. It’s perfect for kitchen on hot region. This window film make us possible to enjoy outdoor view while we are cooking. And it also give privacy. Besides that, window fill is not easy to be smelling. Curtain and valance on kitchen have big possibility to be smelling, because of cooking smell. Choose window film is the right choice to avoid this problem.

Window Treatment Ideas Bay Windows


Window treatment for bay windows on the kitchen is not only decorating its window, but around window area can also be decorated. Put green plant or flower plant under window is good way to make it more beautiful and frees. These plants can be put either inside or outside room. One of interesting idea is by putting dwarf plant outside window. Besides to decorate window, we can also harvest its fruit.

Window Wreatment Picture Windows

To save money, we can made curtain and valance. Many interesting pattern fabric now can be found on the store. To do it, measure first its window dimension, then buy fabric and curtain rod. Cut and sew it, then install on curtain rod. We can choose either curtain or valance that will be install or we can install it together.

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    I love the woven shade in the kitchen with the black floral valance! Especially how it is light filtering. Where is the shade from?

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