Tips To Decorate Kitchen With Cottage Style

Cottage Style Kitchens Photos

Cottage is kind of dwelling house on rustic or rural region, except on Canada, cottage can also be found on the city. Living on cottage give people feeling comfortable, fresh and relax. Environment here is more quiet and less pollution. It’s so why there are many people who want to decorate their kitchen with cottage style. It has purpose to bring the living on the real cottage atmosphere into their kitchen. If we want to create cottage style kitchens, here are few tips to do it. First tip is choosing kitchen countertop with light color. Avoid to choose dark color for this appliance. Whatever the material that we use, just choose light color. Why? Because usually the real cottage kitchen is small, so light color is right choice.

Cottage Style Kitchens

Second tip is installing hardwood floor for these cottage style kitchens. Hardwood is common material for cottage floor. Besides this material make this kitchen is looked shady and close to nature, this material is also hard and durable. To clean it, just use water, soap, cloth, pill and broom. Duster cleaner can also be used. Don’t use abrasive cleaner type. It can damage its surface.

Cottage Style Kitchens Designs

Third tip is choosing open cabinet type with sturdy hook above it. It has purpose to showcase our collections, such as dish, tray, glass and so on. If we want to give door on this cabinet, usually these cottage style kitchens use glass door.

Cottage Style Kitchens Photos

Fourth tip is installing hanging lamp or pendent lamp on this kitchen. Hanging lamp with traditional look is good to bring cottage style. It can be bought on antique store if we want it.

Fifth tip is using vintage style stove, farmhouse sink and faucet. It can also be found on antique store. Don’t use contemporary appliances if we want to bring cottage style into our kitchen.

Sixth tip is putting several flowers and spider plant into this kitchen. These plants can be put on pots and putting on window sill. These plants presence make this kitchen is looked fresher and eco friendly.

Seventh tip is painting kitchen wall with light color. As we know usually cottage kitchen is small, so light color is more fit to this kitchen than dark. White is fit color, or at least neutral color.

Eighth tip is decorating window with fun theme curtain and valance. Other good alternative is installing lace curtain and valance.

Ninth tip is installing farmhouse table and chair for this kitchen. Avoid to install contemporary furniture, because it can disturb cottage style appearance.

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