Tips To Decorate Kitchen With Victorian Style

Victorian Style Kitchens Pictures

Victorian house is old style house from UK. This house style was born on Queen Victoria era. Until now this architecture style can be withstand. Many people like it. If our house is not built with this Victorian architecture style, we still have adapt this style into our kitchen. Victorian style kitchens are kitchen that is inspired from Victorian style house. Here are few tips to decorate our kitchen with Victorian style.

Victorian Style Kitchens

First tip is installing hardwood floor on these Victorian style kitchens. Hardwood floor is one of popular wood floor type. Beside Victorian kitchen, cottage style kitchen also use this wood floor type. It’s perfect to bring old fashioned look style.

Victorian Era Kitchens

Second tip is painting wall and cabinet with light color. Most Victorian style kitchens are looked bright and loose. Light color is good choice for this kitchen type. White is good choice. Beside white, neutral color can be good alternative.

Victorian Style Kitchens Pictures

Third tip is decorating this kitchen with Victorian style cabinet. This cabinet type can be bought on antique store. This cabinet can comes on several colors, but it’s decorated with Victorian style ornament.

Fourth tip is choosing Victorian style appliance. This appliance is looked vintage. It ca also be bought on antique store. Example for this appliance is cast iron stove.

Fifth tip is hanging pot and pan on the wall or ceiling. Good example for these Victorian pot and pan are cast iron and copper pan.

Sixth tip is installing spice rack on the wall. This rack is open rack type. It’s to display spice bottles.

Seventh tip is decorating window with stencil. Stencil is versatile wall decoration art. It can be used both on vintage room and modern room. On this Victorian style kitchen, window is decorated with lace pattern. Clean first before it’s decorated with stencil. This lace pattern screen printing can be bought on the store. Put this screen printing on this window and then use roller or air brush to print this ornament on this window.

Eighth tip is decorating window with lacy curtain ornament. This lacy ornament is perfect to reflect old style from Queen Victoria era.

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