Tips To Decorate Little House On A Trailer

Little House Trailer Company

Little house on a trailer is simple small home. When buying this house, we will get standard design and room interior. To make it to be more personalized, we can decorate it in many ways. Look around on every rooms. Find out ideas to make it more interesting. Starting from living room. Soft light color is fit for this house typ. Dark color is not fir for house with small dimension like this. To make it more attractive, try to install, wall art on the wall. Cheap wall art painting is good. Other alternatives are printing poster and family photo.

Little House On A Trailer

The next step to decorate little house on a trailer is beautifying dining room. Install crystal hanging lamp is good choice. Other alternative is installing ceiling lamp. Be careful if we are interested to install candle on dining room. Candle can create romantic atmosphere on dining room, specially on night time, but this house is built with wood as main materials. Candle fire can burn this house if falling into floor and burn anything. Antique hanging lamp with kerosene is exotic but it’s not recommended with the same reason with candle.

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Kitchen on this little house on a trailer can be decorated by painting this wall with soft light color. Give attention on window. Simple window treatment is good here. It’s not good to install curtain and valance with heavy ornament. Use window to make bright this room. Curtain and valance with simple ornament is good. To make more fresh this kitchen, put one or two green plants on containers here.

Little House Trailer Company

Bedroom and bathroom are also decorated in simple way. Install beautiful small bed with simple ornament. Blanket, bedding and pillow cover with floral ornament can be tried. Don’t install big bathtub here. It can spend spacious space. If we want to install shower curtain, choose shower curtain with simple pattern ornament. Last, small dimension of this house type is important issue. One of problem on this house is how to store stuffs. Try to use all available space on every rooms without sacrificing its room beauty. For example, on kitchen wall can be install racks to store dish, fork, spoon, and so on.

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