Tips To Decorate Living Room In Simple Way And Low Budget

Living Room Decor

Living room is place at home that is used for many people, both family members and guests. First impression from guests after looking exterior house is seeing living room. Good living room can give comfort and positive impression for guests. It is important to redecorate living room regularly to make it always look fresh for everybody. Several ideas below can be tried. These are simple and not spend a lot of money. What we should keep in mind, sometime a little change can give significantly difference. So, be creative to explore many ideas.

Living Room

First tip is adorning with wall décor. Fast wall decoration to change entire living room look is wallpaper. Wallpaper with vertical strip line can make living room is seen modern and can help to make ceiling look higher. Other decorative decoration is repaint with faux painting kits. This wall is seen having texture. To make it more art look, install big oil painting. This colorful oil painting can add color for this living room. For cheaper decoration, use stencil, photos and poster.

Living Room Furniture


Second tip is installing rug under table. It has function to bring new atmosphere, decorate floor and add comfort for people who are in living room. To make living room decoration look expensive and luxurious, try to find affordable rug that has ornament like Persian rug. Persian rug is recognized a one of most beautiful rug in the world. Original Persian rug is expensive, but rug with Persian ornament styles are cheaper.

Living Room Decor

Third tip is putting flower on living room cabinet. Rose, orchid, lavender and lilac are few beautiful flowers. As alternative, take free flowers from garden if we have garden with many pretty flower plants there. Put it on vase, glass or ceramic. Be creative to find place for flowers.

Fourth tip is replacing pillow cover with new styles. Pillow covers with contrast color than sofa are looked good to impress guess.

Fourth tip is installing floating shelving on living room wall. Then put artwork, souvenirs and crystal ornaments there. Keep this shelving simple, so that, all of items here will be seen striking.

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