Tips To Decorate Living Room With Wallpaper And How To Maintain It

Wall Murals Wallpaper

Decorating living room with wall décor wallpaper is one of easy way. It can be good alternative for wall art. Besides that there are many wallpaper options that we can choose for beautifying living room. Before doing it, make sure all of living room wall is clean and flat to get best result. The right way to choose the right wallpaper  is following other room wall color. It’s better if this wallpaper has the similar color with that wall to make unity appearance. And this wallpaper should have lighter color than ceiling, to make this wallpaper is more focus and ceiling is looked spacious.

Wall Decor Wallpaper

After this wall décor wallpaper is installed, then it’s time to keep its beauty. There are several potential dirt that can reduce its beauty. These dirt are dust, stain and lemon. Attention please, not all of dirt on wallpaper are easy to be cleaned. So, it must be careful to keep it. Tell kids to not write and draw on it. Stain from ink will not easy to be cleaned. If we force to clean it, it will make fade this wallpaper color.

Wall Decor Wallpaper Murals And Decals

Dirt on this wall décor wallpaper can be cleaned with duster cloth and or electrostatic cloth. Don’t press too strong when cleaning it or it can hurt its surface. Moving this cloth slowly on clockwise movement. Stain on wallpaper such as food or drink can be cleaned with damp cloth. After cleaned with this damp cloth then let it until dry. Besides damp cloth, adhesive tape can also be used. But be careful to use it. This adhesive can destroy this ornament beauty if too long paste here.

Wall Murals Wallpaper

Lemon is strong dirt. It can destroy this wallpaper. Be careful with this dirt type. Several food and drinking contain lemon can threaten this wallpaper. If it happens, then quickly clean with lime. Pour squeeze lime into warm water and then use soft sponge to clean it.

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