Tips To Decorate Open Kitchen Floor Plans

Open Kitchen House Plans

Open kitchen floor plans are kitchen with open concept. This kitchen type is fit for small home. Here, wall between kitchen and other room beside it is eliminated. For example, if this kitchen room is near living room, so from living room, people can see inside kitchen and people from kitchen can see living room from here. This concept is developed to create larger impression for small room. There several ways to decorate this kitchen type. The only one guidance for us to decorate it is by seeing kitchen and other room is one unity. This key principle mat not be violated.

Open Kitchen Floor Plans

First thing to decorate open kitchen floor plan is color. Both kitchen and living room must be looked in the same style. It may not there are two different rooms in one home. Color is important home decoration element. When choosing painting color, don’t forget to use color wheel concept, that it means each color has color family. We may to paint living room and kitchen with different color, but these colors must be in one color family, so that it keeps there is one unity between living room and kitchen. Or it doesn’t matter if we will use the same color.

Open Kitchen Floor Plans Pictures

Second thing to decorate this open kitchen floor plans is furniture. Both kitchen and living room here must be used the same style furniture. For example, if living room is decorated with modern furniture, so this kitchen must also use modern furniture. Do the same if this living room is decorated with classic furniture. It’s not good to decorate them with different style. Maybe we like Victorian kitchen style furniture. If we choose it, we must use similar style furniture for living room. Besides the same style, it’s better if these furniture come in same color, at least it’s still from one color family.

Open Kitchen House Plans

Last thing is home appliances. Besides furniture, appliances choosing must be in one style too. For example, if we install crystal hanging lamp on living room, it’s better to install similar hanging lamp on kitchen. If we don’t want install hanging lamp on kitchen, at least we choose kitchen lamp with the same style with this living room hanging lamp.

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