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Tips To Decorate Room Wall With Red And Purple Combination

Purple Living Room Ideas

Combining red and purple together will be serious challenge. These colors are strong colors each other. Red can stimulate energy and purple can encourage creativity. Combination red and purple are unusual combination, but if we want to get unique and incredible room, so try to combine these colors. We will explore red and purple room ideas to create great room. Red and purple can applied on boys and girls room. For kids, lighter colors version are fit.

Red And Purple Room Ideas

First step to apply red and purple room ideas are selecting red and purple variants. These colors come from light to dark. To create soft felt room, light colors can be chosen. While to create more serious impression, dark colors are better. These colors can be combined with other colors. For example, to make these colors are looked striking, other colors such as yellow and cream can be used to make it more focus.

Red Living Room Ideas

Second step to realize red and purple room ideas is determining whether red or purple will be dominant color. It is better if only one color between them that will be focused. Up to you whether you will choose red or purple. If red will be dominant color, so red will take big proportion to decorate room and purple to complete it. The same thing can be done if purple will be decided as dominant color.

Purple Living Room Ideas

Third step is blending these colors into wall. How? Assuming, there are four wall sides, determine color for three wall sides and color for residual one wall side. This technique is done to make one color become dominant. If we will create decorative wall, wallpaper with red and purple ornament is good alternative. Decorating with wallpaper is fast way to bring new look on entire room.

Fourth step is adding accessories with simple ornament on this room. Simple ornament is chosen to avoid crowded impression. To do it, stencil can be used to beautify wall. For example, red or purple wall can be beautified with simple butterfly, star, circle, tree and flower design use stencil.

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