Tips To Decorate Room With Vintage Wall Art Theme

Vintage Wall Posters

If we like everything about vintage, we can use it as theme for decorating room. There are many ideas to create vintage look on a room. First vintage wall art idea is installing old style painting. Old style painting and its frame can create vintage look. There are many famous painter with great painting that their painting now is looked vintage. Original painting is very expensive. We can get it in cheap price. Printing version on canvas is looked almost similar with original painting from famous painter. There are many seller that sell this printing painting on canvas at cheap price. Complete it with old style frame and install on the wall. Now this room is looked vintage. It’s good to be installed on living room.

Vintage Wall Art

Second vintage wall art idea is installing poster with vintage style. For example, poster with classic movie such as The Godfather pictures are good choice. Besides movie picture, music album picture from old band such as The Beatles is good choice. It’s good to be installed on bedroom. If we have old photo, for example grand pa and grand ma photo, it can be installed on family room. Complete it with old style frame. That’s it. It’s simple way to be done.

Vintage Wall Decor

Third vintage wall art idea is installing wall clock with old style design. It can be bought on antique store. It’s perfect to create vintage atmosphere. Wall clock from old wood is good choice. Other interesting idea is installing racks on the wall and then put vintage wooden toys or old books there. Vintage wooden toys can be bought on handy craft store and old book can be taken from our collection.

Vintage Wall Posters

Fourth vintage wall art is installing old style mirror. Old style mirror can be bought on antique store. This mirror has two functions here, first for reflecting and second for decorating. Mirror with old style frame is good to be chosen. Other alternative vintage wall art is by creating it. Collecting first tens stamps, then arrange and paste on paper, then it’s given frame. Behind this paper is given hardwood and glass on top side. It will be creative vintage wall art.

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