Tips To Decorate Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Sliding glass door is a door that can be opened and closed by push and pull. It saves area. Besides that, this door is looked stylish and modern. This door can be decorated like decorating window, but with some modifications, because these home elements have different function. First sliding glass door window treatment idea is by installing sheer panel. This material is thin. It’s perfect for beautifying this door, while we can still see through this panel and sun light can still brightening inside room pass this thin material.

Sliding Glass Door Window Treatment

Next sliding glass door window treatment idea is by installing shoji screen. It’s such as on traditional Japanese room interior. This decorating element is made from paper. The advantage of shoji screen is besides to decorate sliding door, it also gives privacy for people inside room. People outside room cannot see inside room through this shoji screen. Nowadays, many pattern on shoji screen can be easily found on the store. We will not meet difficulty to find the best design. This shoji screen also has ability to give additionally insulation from hot and cold weather.

Sliding Glass Door Window Treatment Pictures

Other sliding glass door window treatment is by installing simple valance. This is one of the simples idea to decorate sliding door. By this valance, sliding is only covered on top side, while other part is opened. It’s good if outdoor view is beautiful, while people inside room enjoy outdoor view, this sliding door is also looked more beautiful. It’s also good for home that this sliding door doesn’t face sun position directly.

Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Last idea is installing pretty curtain. This curtain can be made from fabric or vinyl. Either fabric or vinyl have different advantage and weakness. Fabric is looked more soft than vinyl and vinyl is looked more glossy. If using fabric, make sure to choose fabric type that will easy to be cleaned.

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