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Small Home Plans Modern

No all of people can own big home. Don’t worry if our home is not big. A small home have chance to be beautiful and comfortable home if we can organize and decorate this home well. Usually a small home plans consist two bedroom, one living room, one/two bathroom and one kitchen. Breakfast or dining room is incorporated with kitchen. If possible, living room can be reduced to create a family room. Two critical factor is size of each room is way to decorate this room. Even though this is a small home, but it doesn’t mean all of rooms are built with too small size.

Small Home Plans

Small home plans with smart decoration can create comfort. Here are few tips we should know. First tip, when we buy furniture, choose multifunction furniture. This furniture type can do more than one task. For example, a living room table with cabinet. This cabinet can be used for storing book and magazine. Or TV table with some racks. This rack can be used for storing DVD. Second tip is choosing furniture with less height. It can create bigger space between this furniture and roof. It can make this room become more loose.

Unique Small Home Plans

Third tip is creating many storage places. Rack and cabinet will be useful. A small home must always free from crowded sight. This storage place will free this home from by putting all unused stuffs here. It also make this home more tidy. Including this third tip is use all available space on home. We can install bookshelves on the wall. In the kitchen, we can hang basin pan on the wall and rack for dish, fork and spoon on the wall to. This way will maximize space function of all small home plans.

Small Home Plans Modern

Fourth tip is making paint wall color with all of furniture and appliance in unity form. Prioritize on light color. This color, such as white make this room become more clean and spacious. Fifth tip is choosing furniture in right size. For example,  a bed can come in singe, twin and queen size. If we use this bed only for one person, it’s better to choose single size.  Fifth tip, when we decorate kitchen, it’s better if we create kitchen island by placing a kitchen cabinet in center position and then give free space around this cabinet for moving around. It can also create spacious impression. Last tip is keeping this home always in clean condition. Small room with dirt condition is more uncomfortable than big room in the same condition.

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