Tips To Decorate Small House With Plants

Small House Plans Modern

To make fresh environment is good idea for small house. It can be done by gardening. If this small house has big yard, it’s good. But, usually a small house has limited land space. There’s only small land residual for gardening. Is it enough for gardening to create freshness? With some smart ways, good garden plans for a small house can be created. There are several ideas to do it. Besides that, these plants can also be put inside house.

Plans For A Small House

First garden plans for small house idea is creating window box on bottom side of window frame. This window box is built on outside, so it will also be home exterior element. This window box can be plants container. Here our favorite plants can be placed. These plants still need pot to protecting window box from directly contacting with soil and to keep clean this window box. Make sure there are holes on bottom pots to throw exceed water.

House Plans Small House

Second garden plans for small house idea is by using patio to put plants. Usually a patio or deck is used to enjoy outdoor view. But, it’s also good to put plants here. Besides for decorating its patio, these plants also bring freshness. Flower plant or dwarf fruit are good choice. Dwarf apple, lemon, pear and so on are good to be planted here. Put it on pot.  It will not spend a lot of space.

Small House Plans Modern

Besides creating garden plans for a small house, putting plant on the kitchen is other good choice. It’s smart trick for small kitchen. Besides this kitchen will be looked more fresh, this plant can change attention people from its limited space on the kitchen, so this limited space will not be felt anymore. Other place inside home is bathroom. It’s good idea to put live plant there near toilet. It’s unique idea, but it’s great to be practiced.

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