Tips To Decorate Teen Bedroom With Underwater Theme

Bedroom Underwater Theme

I’ve ever seen a teen girl underwater bedroom. It’s real. A bedroom is designed under giant aquarium where a lot of fishes are swimming. It’s very incredible. It’s just like living on water, but there’s big, strong and thick glass to protect us. It’s beauty cannot be described with words. To create bedroom like this will spend a lot on budget, and not all of people able to get it. Only millionaire can pay it. But if we like everything about underwater living, we can make similar atmosphere with different way. What we need is wall art, aquarium and toys.

Teen Girl Underwater Bedroom

To create a teen girl underwater bedroom style with wall art, we need poster, sticker, vinyl and stencil. Each of them have different advantage and weakness. But it’s good to combine it. Pictures about underwater living can be install on the wall. We can get ideas from cartoon or movie, such as Finding Nemo. Select where picture will use poster, sticker, vinyl and stencil. For small and medium picture, poster is good. But if it needs large area, choose sticker, vinyl and stencil.

Underwater Bedroom Ideas

Aquarium is good element on this bedroom. If we don’t want to install salt water aquarium, it doesn’t matter if we choose fresh water aquarium. It’s less maintenance than salt water aquarium. Blanket, bedding and pillow cover with underwater theme can complete this teen girl underwater bedroom style. Several dolls with different size in fishes shape are good to be put on bedroom.

Bedroom Underwater Theme

To make it more perfect, on the ceiling can be hanged fishes toys around ceiling lamp. It’s better if these toys can move around slowly, so it will be looked like real fishes are swimming on the water. Other idea is installing lampion or lantern with fishes pictures on the outside box. Lampion with rotating lamp is good. When this lamp is rotating, these fishes picture will be continued into wall. It’s looked like there are many fishes are swimming on bedroom.

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