Tips To Decorate Tiny House With Free Cost

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Can you imagine living on 89 square foot house? How does it feel like? And can you imagine there is a house that has dynamic view? This outdoor view can be changed every time whenever we feel bored. Outdoor view is one of important factor on home plan. Of course, it can be bought and built with affordable price. Just look at Jay Shafer tiny house company. There is portable house, it’s called Epu, that has only 89 square foot. Don’t be surprised, Epu is not smallest type. Other type, XS-House has only 65 square foot dimension. Now living on tiny house become trend on big city. It gives alternative lifestyle and has many advantages.

89 Square Foot House

Originally this 89 square foot house is designed as portable house. Perfect for going trips whenever we feel bored with daily situation or looking for new outdoor view. If we want to get freedom living sensation, try this portable house. But if we don’t like traveling, this house can be built as semi permanent house. It can be put on backyard. To do it, we don’t need wheels and change it with foundation.

89 Sq Ft Home

To decorate this 89 square foot house with free cost, here there are two smart tips. First tip is using unused furniture and home decoration element. And second tip is swapping this tiny house furniture with house furniture. Now look at on this tiny house room. Here there are several parts that can be decorated. These parts are wall, window, floor and furniture. These four parts can be decorated now.

Tiny House Tour

We can put painting, poster and photo on this wall. Because this is portable house, where there are shakes more than standard house, make sure these wall decorating elements are installed stronger. These painting, poster and photo can be taken from home. To decorate this window, can be used old curtain from house. Cutting first to adapt with its window size then sew again. Floor can be decorated with carpet. Maybe there is unused carpet from bedroom that never we use again. It can be replaced into this tiny house. Last, we can replace tiny house furniture and change it with unused furniture from home or we can exchange tiny house furniture with house furniture.

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