Tips To Decorate Tiny Toilet

Decorating Tiny Toilet

The secret to decorate small bathroom is by giving attention on detail aspect. By this way, a small bathroom will be looked as expensive bathroom. Tiny toilet on bathroom can be decorated with the same way. There are several ways to make this toilet become exciting bathroom. This decoration is not on its tiny toilet, but on room area around this toilet. No matter this toilet is put on the corner, center or even on basin, this way can beautify it. To find idea, look at all of bathroom elements near this toilet and think what can we do to make it beautiful.

Tiny Toilet

First idea is by installing wallpaper on bathroom wall around this tiny toilet. Ornamental wallpaper with floral theme is very good. This bathroom will be looked cheerful. Decorate bathroom wall with wallpaper is simple to be done. But don’t install it near bathtub or shower. This wallpaper will be humid then mildew will grow. There are many good design, style and color of wallpaper o the store that we can choose.

Tiny Toilet Ideas

Second idea is installing different ceramic floor for this area where tiny toilet is installed. Ceramic with floral theme and soft light color is very good to be chosen. Install it on the wall and floor, so this area will be felt different. I doesn’t matter to install different ceramic style with other area on the bathroom. Third idea is by putting green plant on left or right side this tiny toilet. It will create a little freshness here. Select the right container for this green plant. Choose the right green plant for indoor room.

Decorating Tiny Toilet

Fourth idea is installing painting or family photo on the wall. Maybe it’s sound like strange to install it on bathroom. But, just try. This bathroom will be looked special. But, it’s advised to install it, if this tiny toilet is near window, to make sure that this area is warm enough to avoid from humidity.

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