Tips To Decorate Tiny Tumbleweed House

Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailers

Tiny tumbleweed house has several advantages, for example: it’s eco friendly house, less pollution and affordable price. To make it this tiny house become more comfortable and beautiful, here few tips can be considered. We try to decorate with low budget. This decorating has goal to make it is looked more spacious and beautiful. At first time, floor can be made over. There are options to change its material or add other material above it. Changing it with hardwood floor is good to make it more stylish, but installing linoleum above it is cheaper way. Either hardwood flooring tile or linoleum are good, but if we look for cheap way, linoleum is our option. Select bright linoleum that has good ornament.

Tiny Tumbleweed House

The advantage of this linoleum, it’s cheap, easy to be installed and removed and water resistant. Next task after finishing tiny tumbleweed house floor is painting this wall with soft light paint color. To avoid from room separating impression, it’s better if all of wall sides are painted with uniform paint color. But if want to create variation on this wall color, it doesn’t matter if we choose one wall side, for example on main room, then it’s painted with bold version of this chosen color. It will create focal point. Smart trick to change people attention to this small room dimension.

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Besides wall, this tiny tumbleweed house ceiling has to be repainted too. It’s better to paint this ceiling with lighter and brighter color to make this room brighter. After all of these tasks are done, now this room interior appearance is looked more spacious. But to make it more beautiful, it needs art touching. Use stencil wall art to make over it. Choose beautiful ornament design for this stencil screen printing, then use roller or air brush to paint it. That’s it, this wall will never be the same anymore now. It’s looked pretty now.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailers

All of these efforts can be completed with decorating window and choosing the right furniture. Window play important role on small room. Clear glass is better than blurry glass here. Let sun light freely brightening this room through this window. Don’t install dark curtain or curtain with many ornaments. About furniture, shorter furniture is better, because it gives additionally space between this top side furniture and ceiling.

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