Tips To Decorate Your Old House Interior

Old House Interior Colors

For some reasons, people like to decorate their house with old fashioned style. It will be good alternative for all of modern style interior. Living on house with old houses interior give certain feeling that cannot be gotten from modern interior style. If we want to remember living on old style grand ma house, decorate our house with old style is good choice. Everything that can reflect lifestyle from the past era can be used as decorating element. But it’s good if we can combine between old style decorating with our personality and style. It will be interesting challenge to do it.

Old Houses Interior

First tip is painting wall with old style color impression. Some colors like pale yellow, beige and cream are good colors choice for this old houses interior. Besides this room interior will be looked vintage, this room is also looked spacious with these colors choice. To decorate wall, we can install wallpaper. Example wallpaper for bringing old style atmosphere is pink floral pattern. Besides wallpaper, we can install old family photo in black, old painting and white color mirror with ornament frame.

Old Home Interior Pictures

Second tip is installing wood floor tile. Reclaimed wood floor tile or salvage wood floor tile are good floor type for this old houses interior. Besides these floor type are easy to be installed, it’s also easy to be maintained.

Old House Interior Colors

Third tip is installing old style furniture. These furniture can be found on antique store or second furniture store. Old furniture in dark brown with old style ornament can be chosen to be put on this house.

Fourth tip is completed this house with old appliance, such as stove, oven, hanging lamp and fireplace. Stove and oven can be used for cooking or we can only use it as decorating elements. Old hanging lamp can use kerosene as fuel. This is real old hanging lamp. If we don’t want to meet troublesome when using it, we can replace it with vintage hanging lamp and electric lamp inside it.

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