Tips To Design Big Bedroom

Decorating Large Bedrooms

Either small bedroom or big bedroom have challenge if we want to decorate it. The main challenge on small bedroom is how to create spacious impression and the main challenge on big bedroom is how to make balance all of furniture and appliances there, To make good design big bedroom, draw first its layout, then try to arrange furniture and appliances there. For this big bedroom, there is not restriction on color choice and furniture size such as on small bedroom. Here is more flexible than small bedroom.

Design Big Bedroom

If this big bedroom is very big, we can make balance with this wide dimension by choosing dark color as wall painting color, furniture color, floor color, window decorating and so on. For standard design big bedroom, at first time select the right size for each furniture size. Small furniture size is not good. It will not balance with this big bedroom. Besides that, putting too much small furniture and appliance here will make this big bedroom will be looked crowded.

Make Bedroom Bigger

It’s good to create free space on this design big bedroom, but too big free space will reduce its aesthetic. So, it’s important to select the right size and number for this bedroom furniture. All of furniture and appliance can be arranged on L shape or T shape, but it must be balancing between used space and free space. Too much used space will make it is looked crowded. Balancing between used space and free space is important.

Decorating Large Bedrooms

If we put electronic product like TV, put it on the wall maybe is not good, because it will give long distance between bed and this TV. It’s better if we put this TV on table and put it on several feet in front of bed. One of idea to use residual space on this bedroom is by using this area to create home office, home entertainment and so on.

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