Tips To Do Small Décor For Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas

The same principles to decorate small room can be done to makeover bathroom. Bathroom and kitchen are important room at home. If we do decoration for kitchen, so bathroom should also be made over. For small bathroom, keep this room is seen bright. Brighter condition naturally provide bigger illusion. To do this, give attention on paint, lighting and natural light. Keep this bathroom clean every time. Spread by water to clean residual soap, shampoo and conditioner from wall. Give room fragrance to make fresh. Below there are several small décor tips to decorate bathroom.

Small Decor

First small décor tip is removing all of available clutter on bathroom. Smaller bathroom tend to be crowded if there are too many stuffs on bedroom. Replace big furniture with small furniture. For example, if bathroom vanity spend many areas, then replace with smaller option. Replace unnecessary things from bathroom. Only items that we use every day are kept here.

Small Bathroom Decor Photos

Second small décor tip is replacing standard door with sliding glass door if possible. Sliding door save area. On standard door, to open it, we need certain space to move door. It will not happen with sliding door. Just push and pull to open and close it. This door is looked modern.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Third tip is deciding the right color. Use color scheme to get the right colors choice. Always paint small room with white, pastel and neutral color can bored us, so try to mix light and dark color. But dark color is only for giving variation such as creating accent wall. Soft colors like green and ice blue can wrk well on small room.

Fourth tips is installing several big mirrors. This is clever trick to make double impression for this bathroom. Select the right position that make possible these mirror to reflect light from lamp and natural light.

Fifth tip is selecting bright ornament shower curtain. This vinyl material can help this bathroom become bright. Besides to run its main function to cover shower area, this transparent material can give larger impression bathroom. It seems like there are additionally glass.

Sixth tip is putting small accessories to make cheerful this bathroom. Artwork from resin, metal and copper are good options. Glass vase with fresh plants above bathroom vanity is also looked good.

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