Tips To Enjoy Drinking Coffee Event

Glass Coffee Table

Drinking coffee is now become favorite activity for most people.  It can be done on cafeteria, office, garden, living room and so on. If we like drinking coffee and invite friends, decorate a coffee table will be attractive task. Coffee table with interesting decoration will make drinking coffee event is more exciting. Here some ideas to decorate it: flower, tray, artwork and photo. Put flower can be good idea of coffee table decoration. Flower in glass vase is good. Fresh flower will make this drinking coffee event become more fresh.  It’s good idea if this flower is combined with book or other stuffs and then arranged in various height. It will avoid from monotonous look.

Idea Of Coffe Table

Other common  idea of coffee table  is put a tray above coffee table. On this tray we can put fake fruits from wood or resin. We can also put flower here. If this flower is put on tray, it’s better if we change its vase with bigger bottle or jar. Artwork such as animal and car from wood or chopper are also good for decorating it. But no more interesting than put our family photo here. Kids photos with frame can be chosen to be placed her. While enjoy coffee, our guests can look at our kids pictures.

Coffee Table With Storage

Besides all of above decorations, a coffee table choosing will be most important factor. All of decoration will mean nothing without the existing of the right coffee table. Drinking coffee table become special event by choosing unique coffee table. For example, on first picture show coffee table with design and shape like suitcase. It reminds us famous Louis Vuitton bag. This good idea of coffee table like this will make surprise our guest. It will be unforgettable moment for them. This coffee table is fit on classic room interior style.

Glass Coffee Table

Second picture show coffee table design like a rubic playing. This table is also completed with storage place. This design is funky. It’s fit if our guests or friends are young people. This table is fit on modern room interior style. The last picture show unique coffee table design. This table incorporates table and aquarium function. While enjoy coffee, our guest can enjoy all of funny fish on this aquarium. Put fish food on jar near this table is good idea. We can drink coffee while give food for fish.

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