Tips To Explore 130 Square Feet House Floor plans Ideas

130 Square Feet Room

Assuming we have land area with 160 – 180 square feet dimension, what kind of house that can be planned? There are several ideas we can find it. First idea is looking at tiny house on Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company. There is portable house, it’s called Fencl which has 130 square feet dimension. Other idea is looking at some floor plans on apartment and create several possibilities with this dimension. Fencle is portable house with this wide. This layout can be adapted to build a house with the same size, but it can build on permanent. We should modify it first.

130 Square Feet

Actually Fencl is designed for portable house, not for permanent house, but it’s possible to modify it and built on permanent location. One problem here, this bedroom is built on loft which has very small are. For permanent house, it’s not fit. One way to modify is eliminating porch function. As its changing, main room is changed become living room and built start from porch position, so it will have additionally area to build one room by reducing main room area. For better arrangement, bedroom is placed behind living room and in front of kitchen. Now room arrangement for 130 square feet is ready.

130 Square Feet House

Next idea is looking for idea from apartment room. There are many apartment with this dimension. Similar with Fencl, we have to modify it first to make fit with actual shape of land area where this house will be built. The next idea is try to create several 130 square feet floor plans possibilities. It’s more flexible than two above ideas. House with 130 square feet dimension can be built with width 10 x 13 square feet. Identifying first four main rooms  first: living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, then try to draw several room arrangement positions, include with its size.

130 Square Feet Room

But, if we don’t own land to build this house, so is there a way to own a house. Yes, we can still ownl a house, but portable house type. Just buy ready made Fencle or buy Fencle plan then build it. Everybody with intermediate skill on building can do it following all of instructions there.

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