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House Design 100 Square Meter

If some reasons, we want to build 150 sqm house design, but our land area is only 130 sqm, is it possible? 150 is bigger than 130. But what can we do? Downsize its home design is not answer if we need several rooms that it cannot be eliminated. The answer for this situation is building home with loft. Loft is good solution to handle its limited land space. For 150 sqm, there are several options. Here are some possibilities: 100 sqm first floor and 50 sqm second floor, 90 sqm first floor and 60 sqm second floor, 80 sqm first floor and 70 second floor, and so on. This wide is not always on even numbers.

150 Sqm House Design

There are many choices for 150 sqm house design, so which is better from this options? The answer is relative depended on several reasons. If we like gardening and we want to plant some flowers and create koi fish pond, its better to give bigger residual land space. If we choose 1oo sqm first floor, there is residual land space 30 sqm, 90 sqm first floor give 40 sqm residual land space and 80 sqm first give 50 sqm land space for gardening. The last choice is the best option relatively. Bigger land space gives more flexibility for gardening activity.

40 Square Meters House Design

The next task to be done after determining 150 sqm house design option is by selecting the right floor plan for this house. The simple way is by buying ready made house design. There are hundreds floor plan choices for this size. It can be bought on affordable price. It can also be modified by asking the seller o modify it. But if we like to design it, a lot of ideas can be taken from internet. Select floor plan that close to requirement than modify it.

House Design 100 Square Meter

One guidance to select and choose is by focusing on lay out. Lay out is first important factor on house design. After a house is built, changing lay out is not easy. It will need a lot of effort and budget. So, give attention on lay out. Don’t choose because we are interested with its color. House painting color can be changed later easily in less budget.

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