Tips To Find Idea To Decorate Window

Pictures Window Valances

We want to decorate window, but we don’t know where to start and how to do it. It can happen on everybody. Enjoy is easier than create it. One of simple way to decorate window is by modifying existing design. Find several good designs, select one that fit with requirement and then apply it. First step is looking at some pictures of window treatment. Find good ideas from there. Restrict selection with some criteria. Some criteria are room dimension and budget. Window treatment for small room is different for big room. Besides all of choices have consequence on budget. Determine first how much money will be spent to decorate window.

Pictures Of Window Treatment

First selection criteria is based on room dimension and budget. Choose several good pictures of window treatment. After getting several ideas, then selecting with second selection criteria. These second selection criteria are fixtures, color theme and ornament theme. From fixtures, what all of fixtures exist on these designs? Drapery, valance, curtain, belt and so on. For big room, all of these fixtures can be applied, but for small room only needs less fixtures.

Pictures Window Treatment Ideas

Second idea that we can get from pictures of window treatment is color theme. What dominating color here? Is it fit for our room? For big room, it’s more flexible than small room. For small room, light color is better than dark color. Other idea is ornament theme. What ornament them on these designs? Can it be applied on our window. To create cheerful atmosphere on room, floral ornamental on light color is good choice.

Pictures Window Valances

Last is looking at other home element. Even though it’s not part window decoration elements, but the right placing of home element will increase it’s window decoration appearance. Is there window cushion seat there? What decoration element on this window cushion seat? Is there cabinet near window. What decoration elements are there? Is there table lamp, art furnishing article, and so on? Identify this and consider to complete our window treatment.

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