Tips To Find Painting Idea For Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Kitchen Cabinet is main furniture on kitchen. No wonder if people give attention on this furniture. Simple way to decorate this kitchen cabinet is by painting it. Painting or coloring is easiest and simplest way, but how do we find the right color for it? Read book & magazine and surfing internet can be done. Looking at pictures of painted kitchen cabinets is smart way to find good idea. There are many good book and magazine about this topic. Find the best design there. Or surfing internet, visit company websites who run business on this topic. We will find it easily. Browse all of their designs, pick several good designs.

Pictures Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

From several pictures of painted kitchen cabinets that we have founded, then analyze that. Find that has similar shape with our kitchen room, furniture and appliances. Sometimes, repainting kitchen cabinets with other color cannot be done without decorating kitchen together. Change kitchen cabinet painting without giving attention on overall kitchen interior style will disturb its kitchen beauty. Besides that, important to select only kitchen cabinets that has similar style with our kitchen cabinet. For example adapting interesting color on Victorian kitchen style maybe is not fit if our kitchen has modern style.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Colors

After finding interesting color idea on pictures of painted kitchen cabinets, then we analyze it. Is it fit with our kitchen cabinet. Does it have the same style with our kitchen cabinet? If everything is fit, then use color wheel to find other complement color. Every color has family color. From one color, we can find other colors that will fit with this color. Then color on chosen kitchen cabinet can be used as primary color. Then kitchen wall and other elements can use this primary color or complement color. Complement color can be generated from color wheel.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Tips to choose colors are don’t use more than three colors together. It’s better to determine one primary color and then determine two complement color. Restrict only maximum three color will create beautiful appearance. More than that will be looked bad and messy.

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