Tips To Get Free Tiny House Plans

Tiny Home Plans

Living in tiny house concept is growing rapidly on modern era. There are several advantages that will not gotten on conventional house. If we don’t know much about tiny house, but we want to know more about tiny house and to own it, the best solution is having it with less budget. But how do we get it? Buy ready made tiny house will spend budget up to twice than build it by our self. To make us understand to build it, we have to buy its plan. Good news, one of tiny house plan can be gotten freely. These free tiny house plans can be gotten by buying The Small House Book on Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company website in cheap price and we will get  free tiny house plans.

Free Tiny House Plans

These free tiny house plans contains everything to build Popomo, one of portable house on Jay Shafer company. Popomo has sleek design. This is simplest portable house design and the easiest tiny house type to be built. Other portable tiny houses have stylish design with triangle shape roof. It’s like standard house but in very small version. Popomo has simpler design. It has design likes box with flat roof. If on other portable houses, bedroom is put on loft, on Popomo is put on floor. It’s like standard bedroom at home.

Tiny House On Wheels Plans Free

On these free tiny house plans, we can learn everything about Popomo. Popomo is biggest portable house.It has four rooms,these are main room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Main room is on centre position, bedroom is on left side of main room and kitchen and bathroom are on right side. Kitchen and bathroom are on adjacent position.

Tiny Home Plans

If we don’t like with standard appearance of this Popomo, we can customize it. Wood type can be changed with other wood. On the floor can be installed rug or carpet. On the wall can be installed wall painting or family photo. Window can be redecorated and color painting Popomo room wall can be changed.

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  1. Anna Vickaryous

    Hi would like to know are these tiny homes easily portable. I am selling my condo and need a house that is not attached to land.Also how long does it take to build? Please send me floor plans and any other specs if possible.
    Thank you,


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