Tips To Get Ideas From Small London Home Design

London Home Style Ideas

UK is one of modern country where architecture science experience rapidly development. Looking for ideas to design, decorate, make over and remodel home with London style is one of good way.  When we look at homes on London, both small and big home, we will see similarity principle. These homes are designed to get spacious impression for homeowner. No matter what architecture style that they apply, this spacious impression factor is always presence. Specially for small home, small London home design is good source to get good idea. Take inspirations and ideas, modify and then apply on our own house.

Small London Home Design

First idea of this small London home design is on color choice to paint wall, choose floor, choose furniture and so on. Soft light colors are looked dominate on room interior of this house. Sometime this house use dark color for window decorating, furniture and sofa, but generally this room interior is looked bright and spacious. On day time, this room is lighted with natural light. All of windows are designed to supply natural light. While for night time, electric lamps brighten this room.

London Home Style

This  small London home design is not always designed with simple design like modern style. Some of them are designed with decorative style, but it keep looked bright and spacious by applying soft light color on wall, furniture, ceiling and floor. As alternative for ceramic, some small London homes use wood floor.

London Home Style Ideas

Second idea of this small London home design is how they decorate their room. When looking at their room, we will find that people there are well educated and having good art sense. It’s looked from many books are tidy arranged on racks and art painting are installed on the wall.

Third idea of this home is on freshness factor. Besides they showcase their education and art sense, they also put fresh green plants on their room. It’s perfect to make this room is felt fresh.

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