Tips To Handle Limited Room Space

Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

Multifunctional furniture design is the answer for small home. The advantage of this furniture is it can run more than one duty. The are many choices of multifunction  furniture on the store. If this furniture is combined with one room with more than one duty trick to handle limited space, it can create great result. For example incorporating living room and family room. There are many available spaces here that we can use it. Multifunction TV table can be used to put TV and store DVD collection and anything inside this rack. Under chair for watching TV can be used to store any items. If there’s window cushion seat, some racks here can be good storage place.

Multifunctional Furniture Design

On kids bedroom, it can installed multifunctional furniture design that incorporate learning table with bed. When this bed is not used, it can be folded than opened again when it will be used. Other idea is buying bed with some racks under this bed. These racks can be used to store clothes, toys, books and so on. Wardrobe can have more than one duty. Besides for storing clothes, it can be used to store shoes, toys and so on.

Multifunctional Furniture For Small Spaces

Other useful multifunction furniture design is coffee table. Some coffee table design are completed with some racks under top side. It can be used to store anything. On living room, cabinet near sofa is not only for decorating this room. It’s also for storing items.

Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

So, multifunction furniture and use one room for more than one duty are good trick to handle limited space on small home. Other useful trick is maximizing wall. Wall everywhere can be installed with racks to store anything. But don’t install to much cabinet. It will create crowded atmosphere and reduce room interior beauty. If possible to create hidden cabinet on the wall. It’s good effort to create storage place without sacrificing room interior beauty.

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