Tips To Landscaping With Ornamental Grass

Ornamental Grass Plants

Landscaping with ornamental grass now become popular, because it has several benefits. Landscaping with this grass is less maintenance. This grass is also fast growing. There are several beautiful ornamental grasses we can choose. This plants can be used as garden border. Planting grass is easy. It’s beautiful when blown by wind. It make us feel stay on pasture. Here are examples of some beautiful ornamental grass: feather reed grass, zebra grass, fountain grass, blue oat grass, switch grass, cord grass, japanese forest grass, purple fountain grass and so on.

Landscaping With Ornamental Grass

To make successful landscaping with ornamental grass, we can follow few tips. First tip is creating privacy on garden. Some tall ornamental grasses can do this task. Besides that, they can also be living border. Second tip is creating beautiful container. Beautiful and colorful container can enhance this plant beauty. To make this plant become more focus, choose container with contrast color with this plant. Third tip is creating texture on garden. Ornamental grass has variation on tall, size, color and flower. Grouping them based on its type. Then make cluster for each type. Put them on severalpart of garden. It can create many garden textures.

Gardening Ornamental Grass

Fourth tip to landscaping with ornamental grass is put them on deck and patio. Ornamental on container can beautify this place. Don’t worry to decorate this place with this plant. Some types are really beautiful and fit for this place. Fifth tip is creating knot garden. Knot garden here means  planting other tree for bordering this ornamental grass. It’s really unique idea.

Ornamental Grass Plants

Sixth tip is creating garden edging. Edging with this grass is good. Seventh tip is creating garden sculpture. This sculpture can be combined with grass to beautify this garden. Sculpture from rock, concrete or copper can be chosen. For example, put sculpture in animal shape, such as turtle near this grass. It will make this garden is more interesting.  Seven tip is planting several lush tree on this garden. This grass can attract wild bird for coming. They can use this lush tree as their home.

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