Tips To Learn Basic Interior Design Concepts Like A Pro

Interior Design Ideas

Every designs are started from concept developing. What make different between one design and other design is on its design concept. So, It’s important t know well it’s basic principle. These interior designs concepts will influent and determine later on its implementation. To construct this concept, it can be started by identifying all of important factors or aspects that must be included on concept developing. Better understanding on its situation and condition will increase its concept quality. So, educated people is better than autodidact or self learner, because their understanding and knowledge are structured, systematic and well organized. Now, we will try to develop interior design concept for kids bedroom.

Interior Design Concepts

Now think first, what are important for kids? What are their need? What are their favorite stuff? What make them feel happy? How to build positive mind and attitude for kids? How to teach them in a way that then can accept? And so on consideration can be explored related to kids need to create better interior design concepts. After these aspects are formulated well, then try to imagine how the best way to implement it on bedroom design. What colors that are fit for these concept? What medium that’s good to be used? What elements should be used? What picture, symbol and icon that will able to reflect this concept?

Interior Design Concepts Examples

Starting from color to implement interior design concept. Every kids like happiness and playing atmosphere. It can implemented with green, blue, red, yellow and orange. There are light and dark color. For kids, soft light color is better. It means more positive than dark. Now, these colors choice can be made more specific. Colors for boys are different with girls. It’s influenced by their base character. For girl, pink and light purple are good choice.

Interior Design Ideas

After these colors are determined, then try to choose the right theme for their bedroom. These ideas can be explored from cartoon, hobby, collectible stuffs, music, sport, toy, doll and so on. Discuss with them, asking what their favorite and hobby are. After these information are gotten, then implemented it through wall art, such as poster, sticker, vinyl, mural, stencil and so on and also through real products, such as doll, toy, table lamps and so on. Other steps can be explored through this basic principle.

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