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Latest Staircase Design

Staircase on a home is essential element to help people when they will go to loft or room above it. But now, staircase is not only for serving its main function. Good staircase is also increaser room beauty. It’s so why nowadays, people like to decorate their staircase in many ways, such as installing carpet runner, stair runner rods, lamp along staircase and so on. So, good staircase run more than functions. To keep its beauty, this cleanliness has to be kept every time. Staircase needs certain maintenance. This factor should be taught since when we make new staircase designs.

New Staircase Designs

These new staircase designs then can choose what materials that will be determined for this staircase later. For stair step, commonly materials are wood,  ceramic and wrought iron. Other material is glass, but it’s rare. Railing can use wood, wrought iron and stainless steel. Carpet and runner rods are additionally element to decorate this staircase. But it’s optional.

New Stairs Design

If these new staircase designs use wood as stair step material, dirt on it can be cleaned with broom, water and mop. For strong dirty, it can be cleaned with wood cleaner. But make sure chemical component on this wood cleaner will not damaged this wood surface. Similar with wood, If this stair step use ceramic or glass, it can use broom, water and mop to clean it. Ceramic cleaner can be used for ceramic. Don’t use abrasive cleaner for glass. Wrought iron as stair step is widely used for circular stair. It can be cleaned with iron cleaner. One thing that should be noticed is rust on this wrought iron.

Latest Staircase Design

Similar with stair step, wood and wrought iron on railing can be cleaned in same way. While stainless steel can be cleaned with metal cleaner. Carpet runner on this staircase can be cleaned with duster cleaner. And on certain time, it has to be replaced then washed. Stair runner rods can be cleaned with metal cleaner like on stainless steel.

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