Tips To Make A French Drain

French Drain Perforated Pipe

French drain was found by Henry French in 1859. French drain is used for managing water around building or home foundation. Good French drain can safe foundation from erosion by water. Without this appliance, after long time using, home foundation can be damage. French drain works by corporate and flowing water into its pipe. Old french drain use clay pipe, but now it’s changed by plastic pipe. However, after long times using, clay pipe will be broken and damage, it cause this French drain doesn’t work. Plastic pipe is more durable. It’s also more withstand with moisture condition than pipe from clay. It’s important to know proven principle how to make a french drain well.

How To Make A French Drain

Five principles how to make a french drain here are: trench wide, trench slope, fabric lining, gravel and wrapping. Starting from trench. It’s better this French drain has wide trench. Bigger is better to prevent from clogging up possibility. Narrow French drain has problem potential water flowing someday. So, when make this drainage system, dig ground wider. Besides wider digging, this French drain also have proper slope to make sure water can flow easily.

How To Install A French Drain

Next principle how to make a french drain is preventing from clogging up possibility, lay out lining fabric. This fabric is for wrap this plastic pipe. Pour 2-4 inch gravel layer on the place where this plastic pipe will be lied down. Then this plastic pipe and gravel is wrapped with fabric. If this French drain has big and long dimension, we will need big and long fabric too. It will safe thus French drain from clogging up and save our money and time to repair this French drain on next future.

French Drain Perforated Pipe

This French drain construction can use one pipe or two pipe depended on water amount must be managed. Some French drains are built with concrete on left side and right side of soil surface above this pipe. It’s for preventing this soil surface from avalanche possibility.

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